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Fingerless glove:

Made from 1/4id 16ga rings on the back of the hand, 3/16id 18ga around the fingers and 5/16id 16/18ga in 4-1 half persian for the closing system.

My Vambrace:

The reason this pic is so big is to give attention to the details. The front part is made of alternating strands of half persian, one strand in 17ga 5/16id and one in 14ga 1/2id rings. This greatly increases the amount of force that can be applied to that area before i can even feel it (the perfect thing to smash through walls et cetera with.) The next area is made of 14ha 5/16id rings into a european 4-1 sheet. It is simply there to protect from a knife or arrows, though i doubt ill ever encounter the latter in that area. The final part is a sheet of persian from 5/16id 17ga rings. Its there to absorb some shock and proctect my arm from most things.