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Damascus Steel

These pliers are 1/2 damascus, 1/2 car spring. The damascus on the flat nosed pliers is 84 layers, its 32 layers on the needle nosed.

This animal head is 128 layers. Its very hard to see the layers because they were drawn out so much and are so thin.

This knife is 54 layers. The pattern is very evident in this picture.

96 layers of 1095 and 1020 metal in a 'spiral' pattern. I dont know why exactly i split the top, but it makes for a nice screwdriver...

72 layers of L6 and 1020 in a 'ladder' pattern. Blade is ~7 inches long

54 layers of 440C (stainless), L6 and 1095...drawing out was a bitch. Blade is ~7 inches

the two outside layers are 54 layers of L6 and 1095 in a spiral pattern. The middle layer is 1020 and 1095 in a straight-line-damascus pattern. The blade itself is 13" or so long.

This is my first attempt at using something non-metallic as a handle. Its a piece of oak. The blade itself is 72 layers of 1095 and 1020 in a ladder pattern.

My second attempt at a non-metallic handle. This one was made from an old deer antler i found a long time ago. The blade is 226 layers of 1095, L6 and 1020.

My first full sword. Its 28" long, has a leather/bronze grip, brass end cap and steel pommel. The damascus goes in the following pattern: right twist, 1095, butterfly, 1095, left twist. There are 1095 edges.