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Enameling and Glass work

This ring was made from copper, it was then soldered and the "stone" was soldered on. The "stone" is made out of a jump ring filled with some glass i smashed from a wine bottle
This is my first piece using closionne wire and opaque enamel.
Another piece using closionne wire and this one has transparent enamel on it.
This piece used mild steel and brass as dividers and it used silver to fill in some areas.
This is a bronze pendant with a red glass bead soldered on. The bronze isnt cleaned because i like the coated look.
This used brass wire in place of closionne wire and (in case you cant notice) is a tree in front of a sunset. This piece has a 3d effect because the foreground is a thicker coat of enamel.
This used to be a penny but now it is artwork? The enamel was mixed and swirled around and then an "X" was scraped out while the glass was molten and filled with silver.