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"Iron Work"

This heart was made from 1/8" x 1" bar stock.
The scrolls were made from my scroller and all
was welded by my nice, now broken, welder.
This was given to my girlfriend...awh.
Yay, its done, my first real project ever. I think it turned out pretty good. Itd be nicer if i get stuff for stained glass and did the top out of that, or even burned a pattern into the wood, but im still a wee bit to naive. So, stained plywood it is (i think its pretty plywood).
This candle holder is made from three pieces of twisted steel bars. It has a copper flower bolted to the top in which there are candles (obviously). Also, there are copper leaves (hard to see) that are at the ends of copper vines...Phew, what a fun 6 hours that was!
This picture frame was made the old fashion, pain in the ass way. The metal was paterned with a ball pein, then every piece was riveted (which means i had to punch lots of holes).
These hooks were made the old fashion way too. The hooks were done by spliting a 1" bar over a homade chizel. Each individual set of hooks were made, then riveted. Also the thing at the top was made from spliting the bar.
This nightstand was oh-so-fun to took 12 hours and was made all within one day. Its 25" tall and 14" wide.