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Iron Working continued...

This is a nice and simple candle holder. Made from 1/2" bars--quite a few of them
This is nice, well i like to think so...its made from 1/4"X1/2" and 1/2" bars.

This is my new dragon Draco. He is Flamey's younger brother (the brass dragon in my car that carries a copper flower).
These pictures do not do this table justice. The pieces you see are all at different angles and the photographs just dont show the dimensions well. Still, i like my new table lots.

Introducing my second dragon, Draco's father and Flamy's son--Billowy.

This is one of those fireplace thingies. The two scrolls were weleded on the bottom and the top was flattened, then splir--finally found a use for ye ole' sledge hammer.

This table was made rather simply--a frame was made then pieces of birch were put inside it. Makes for a nice coffee table.

This is a business card holder i made. Its a dragon thingy. I wish i had a coal forge to make this...using a mig was such a pain.

This table is fairly simple. The frame is steel and the top is patterned copper.
This candle holder was made the mega bitch way. To give it a textured look all of the bars were thinned out about 1/16"...wheh...what fun?

This table resides in my basement now, its awaiting its glass which is on order.
This is a simple picture frame, with a wonderful picture painted by my girlfriend inside it...awh, shes so wonderful.
This candle holder was made for my friend cause she had the idea to use flourscent paint.
This light house is made from lotsa stuff welded together--i had no sheet steel that thick. The brass had a steel piece of wire soldered on in the places where it was welded. The top part (the circle) is silver coated brass. This picture is really dark...i apologize.

This candle holder was rivented together (the second pic shows the details of the rivets). It is coated is linseed oil.