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Iron working cont. 2

This piece was given to my mommy, afterall, it was her idea to make it to frame a piece of stained glass she bought in Phila.

This candle holder is my sisters hanukah present...its a good thing she never looks at my webpage or thered go the surprise.

This candle holder was entirely made using a coal forge as the heat source. There are 2 rivets, several hot cuts and one forge weld.

This 'discordian themed' chair was made for my girlfriends birthday. The picture of the crown on top of the fnords head is a bit blurry, but trust me--its there, and with an amythist stone in it too

This is my first attempt at 'sculpture'. Its a dog? If i had to give this work a title id call it "The I hate taco bell because it makes me sick cat-dog-thing"

This chandelier was fun...thats all i really have to say about it.

I apologize for this pic, i wanted to make sure i got one because the person who bought this wanted to paint it and get the glass themselves--as in im not getting it back. It measures 6' x 3' and is 28" high....It weighs a lot!.

This is a dragon sculpture hook thingy. Its made to be seen from underneath where its hanging, so i guess its a hook that needs a hook.

Oh fickle camera...this picture doesnt do justice to the details, the nose has huge nostrils, theres a chizled mouth, drilled eyes, fingers with knuckles, toes on the feet, a belly button, even breats with nipples! Ugh, i'm no good with a camera! Well, not much else to say. The basket is twined(?) with copper and everything else is mild steel.

This picture was taken in my basement, so theres a lot of 'noise', not to mention the fact that this is taped to the wall because i had nowhere to hang it at the moment. I should be more patiant. This is designed to look like a hand coming from the wall which holds a torch that holds a 1" taper candle.

Awh, the little dragon is trying to stay warm cause it was so cold today...stupid weather people, he must have listened to their forecast and left his coat at home

This candle holder was made from 4 bars or steel forge welded together. It was fun to make, one of those 'make it up as you go along' things.

The laedle was made bu upsetting a 3/4" bar then flattening it and banging it into a swage. It was riveted to a handle. The fire place shovel was made from 12ga copper sheet and riveted to a handle

This 'mini-anvil' was made from a 1/2" square bar. Its tiny.
This candle holder was made for my wonderful girlfriend. It uses a square rivet to hold the brass cup onto the thing.
This candle holder was made for my sister. The cross bar was punched with a 1/2" square so the center bar could pass through it. It was then riveted together with lotsa rivets.It stands 4' high.