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Iron working cont. 3

This is how i get to put a man on the moon...maybe? Most of this was done through hot cutting and chizling.

This was in response to a challenge by my horse loving girlfriend. Not bad for not knowing anything about how to make horseshoes--all i had was one in front of me.

Made from a single bar. Split into 2 on the top and worked to completion. The candle seat was upset. The base was just wraped This one was made from 3 pieces forge welded together in some places This one was split into 4 pieces on the top and then the bar was drawn out for the base. This little thing took 2 hours!

This candle holder is a manifestation of the 3 above it. It takes what i like from them and puts it together. It was made the 'tribal' way, using no power tools whatsoever.

This is my new gnome keychain. His name is Billy.

Yay! I'm finally learning how to use a chizel and punches!

There once was a man who grew a tree, that man was not me. Nope, not me at all. This one is a nice steel one. It stands about 5 ft tall at its highest point. This picture does not do the details justice, all of the leaves are 'flared' and were given a 'leaf-like texture and veins'.

This is madam ella. Shes been fasting for a while, so as you can see shes pretty thin.

This is another type of candle holder ive been experimenting with. Its all from one piece of steel.It has a brass tint but the picture doesnt show it