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Iron Working #5

Made from 2 pieces of forge welded steel. About 10" long, 4" wide.

Made from one piece of 1/2" square bar stock, split and drawn to completion.

My first piece of original, homade stained glass. Its much harder using your own templates.

The diameter is about 9" on this relief. The mesh in the back is sterling silver, the lines are silicone bronze, the chainmaille is SS and the rest is wrought steel.

About 8" diameter. All steel. A mirror was added to the backing. It creates a super duper, dare i say looper, affect.

A sculpture i did for my design class. Made entirely out of old/broken/crappy pliers. About 1'x8"x8".

Another sculpture for my design class. About 14"x12"x6"

This is 4' high, about 4' deep/wide. Not to fun to make...after i started i realized i wasnt equiped well for sheet metal stuff...maybe i will be someday?

This is almost 6' tall, and 4' wide. This was a bit eaiser to make--i used mechanics shears to cut the sheet metal.

Made without any powertools, it was all forge welded together. Originally, the outer boarder was completely round...somewhere in the 'putting things together' stage of the process it got distorted somehow...hopefully i'll figure out how and not have it happen again.

About a 12" diameter, 20" high. Made with no power tools (all forge welded/riveted).

about 24"tall, 6" deep. made with no power tools.

about 6" tall, and 5" deep. made without power tools.

about 6" tall, base is one bar forge welded, twisted, and drawn.

Made without power tools (forge welded, and a tennon for the cup). ~6"tall.

Made without power tools. ~15" tall, 5" wide, 6" deep.

This is a coat or towel rack (the bars are eaisly changeable for whatever function i wanna use it for); its about 24" across, made without any power tools.