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Learning Experiences

Well, why so many things is one pic? Im lazy...i killed 5 birds in one stone..ha! First, on the perimeter is a wallet chain made from 'twisted rings' which are steel and bronze. Inside the square it forms, on the left is a bracelet made european style outa twisted brass/steel rings, followed by a part of a bronze/steel bracelet. Next to that going horizontal is a penny bracelet which was a bear to make--4 punches to each penny. Finally we have the 4 cast ankhs. They are all made outa lead/tin/silver...its all i can melt as of now using my soup can and blow torch...primitive tools are hard to work with! Good day.

Top left: part of an Egyptian bracelet.
Below it: A pendant made of sheet metal and tin.
Inside the chain--All pendants are using coins are a base Top left: Some glass shrads soldered inside a wire on the coin
Top right: Some wire fused onto the coin and shaped in a hexagram
Bottom left: A wire circle, triangle, and spiral soldered onto the coin.
Bottom right: Two pieces of glass soldered onto the coin to look like eyes in a face.