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Sara's chainmaille connection
Who doesnt have a link to this site? Its a wonderful resource.

The chainmaille board
Another good resource.

Chao's webpage
Does lotsa neat stuff that you wont find anywhere else. I suggest everyone takes a look.

Dweezles webpage
Lotsa neat stuff here too. Inventer of the maille hackeysack and pointy hand thing.

The faeriemaille is VERY neat...take a look

JPrices list of weaves and webpage. The list of weaves is very comprehensive at least to my knowledge

The Ringlord
If youre doing chainmaille and need supplies buy his stuff!!! He is very nice and letting me host my other site on his server.

The metal stuff
My much more comercialish webpage, geared toward selling, not showing off.

Gothic chains
Some very nice and creative things.

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