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Wrought Iron and Maille combinations

Well, three months later and numerous hours of frusteration (mainly getting my hands on the materials!!!) its finally done! about 60lbs of stainless steel, including the hand forged/fabricated frame. The dimensions are about 3' wide, 2.5' deep, 18" high in the front and about 3' in the back. This chair is so sturdy i can stand on it (see pic below). Later on i might try to deepen the seat--thats my only complaint. The fabric on the back, sides and from is 3-1 oriental with 7/32 links. The seat itself is washers mixed with some brazed links and some butted 14guage links.!

Left picture: me hoping on the chair. Right picture: detail of seat.

Rocking Chair

This chair took over 1/2 mile of wire to make! The chainmaille part of this was done with 14ga 5/16"id rings that were knitted into strips then woven throughout the frame. As of now, it has held over 200lbs without a problem. The ironwork done with this is detailed a bit more below with the picture.


This lamp shade is made from mostly 5/32"id, 17ga stainless steel rings. The shade itself weighs 3 or 4lbs. The lamp frame itself was hot forged (pic below). This took about 1 month of hours a day of work to complete.

The outside of the dream catcher was made from 1/4" bar, and all the stuff on the inside was made from 16ga wire. The feather things were made from 3/16" links
This candle holder was made mostly from 1/4" stock, except the stem, that was made from 1/2" stock. The maille covering it is 5/16id".
This chair is the manifestation of an idea ive had ever since i started doing blacksmithing and realized i could do something like this. It is the 'test chair' as in, its got some flaws, though theres only one thats really glaring (the seat is about 2" too narrow for most people, though it still fits me). The chainmaille is all 14gauge and the link sizes varry between 5/16id and 7/16id. The 'key' rings (the ones going through the holes on the back) are all welded to hopefully give them enough strength to endure the stress they will recieve. The back itself is strung very tightly, however there is just enough flexability to mold to your back, its really rather comfortable. Soon, maybe even within a few months i'll be able to make another, better chair, though its going to have to wait its turn...ive got a lot of long term projects to finish...

This table is another thing i had been pondering for a while. The top measures 12" x 12" and is held on by welds on the bottom of the iron. It is 5/16"id 14 ga rings.