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Before you go too far into this, i'll explain this page. This stuff is what ive made specifically for myself. It is by no means everything i've made for myself, but its what i found handy while i was in the mood to make this page.

This ring is made from stainless steel and the three prongs are made from mild steel.
Both of these rings are made from silver and have an amber stone. I apologize for the blurriness
A sword and a spider thing together at last! All is made from silver and the stone is amber.
All hail discordia? This is my way of showing my lack of faith in "religion". I laugh. Smile.
Is it an angel or a fairy? Who knows, who cares? Its made of silver and has an amber stone in it.
This is a Fnord i made out of silver. It was made by using my own, wrong, way of casting and later a saphire stone was set in for the eye.
This is a variant of sheet persian made into a bracelet. Its using 20ga 3/16id chrome links