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Copper and brass bands.
Braided wire ring. Can be made of brass, bronze, mild steel, or a combination.
Another type of braided wire ring. Can be made in brass, bronze, mild steel or a combination.
With wire border: $12
Without: $6
A type of ring made from flattened wire. Band is mild steel, and wraped wire can be *silver, brass or bronze.
Made from three strands of wire.
Silver: $14
Brass/Bronze/mild steel: $7
Made from Sterling Silver wire.
Silver: $20
Brass/Bronze/Steel: $14
A ring made from a chain.
Brass/Bronze/Copper/Steel: $13
A ring made from 2 pieces of brass wire and 2 pieces of mild steel wire.
This ring was made by using a technique called piercing. The design is drawn on, a sheet of metal is then cut in half, the design is cut out with a saw, then it is soldered back together.