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Stained Glass

Not too bad for a first piece? I made this in a class i took, pending i have room in my house to set things up, im going to buy supplies to do this. Its really fun, its feels like chainmaille.

The third piece of stained glass ive ever done...the mechanics are easy...getting everything to fit isnt! Also, as you may notice, i only have 4 colors of glass. Its enough to practice on, smile.

Another iron/glass piece. This is about 18" tall.

Not too bad for my first try at copper foil stained glass. Its different. I think adding the iron into the glass added a lot of trouble. This piece took me the entire day to make.

The second copper foil piece. This is a sculpture, about 7" tall, 3" deep/wide. There are 2 maille pannels, both on opposing sides. The panels are german silver, the three wraps on top are 308l ss and bronze.

This is a glass relief, its hard to see the depth in the pic. Its about 1.5" deep, 5" wide and 10" high. The picture distorts the colors quite a bit.

This is about 10" x 10" x 1.5"

About 12" tall, 6" wide, 2" deep (hard to see the depth in the picture). The steel frame has an organic tecture put into it.