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Made fron 5/16id 17 ga rings woven into an 8-1 pattern.

Made fron 5/16id 17ga rings woven into a sheet of persian.

Made fron 1/2id 16ga annealed steel woven into a 12-1 pattern.


All rings are 16ga 1/4id steel woven into an unending 6-1 Japenese pattern.

Flat links are 1/4id, connecting ones are 3/16id, woven into an unending 6-1 japanese.




Made with over 4000 rings, its a castle made out of 8-1 european weave. It is roughly 4in. high and 6in. wide.

Wallets: (the first wallet is the functional one made from 3/16id rings--it took forever to make).

Wallet Chains:


To make this i use resin and hardener, then put the piece of maille over an already existing bowl. All worked well except getting the plastic off of the maille (the plastic was between the bowl and maille), maybe wax would be better?


Cute little troll:

Dream Catchers:

Medallions and Pendants

Copper, brass, and steel 4 pointed star.

copper, brass, and steel thing (?)

brass, copper and steel wavy pointy thing

Ankh made from 1/4id 18ga rings

Celtic cross made from 1/4id 18ga rings

Chaos star

8 gauge copper riveted ankh



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