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This sword was made by being banged over the horn of the anvil to get the curve. The handle is wrapped in copper. The blade is made from 440C stainless steel and after grinding it was given a nice heat treat.
This mini sickle was made in a similiar way that the curvey sword was made. However, it is mild steel, though i guess im really not going to use it anyway so it doesnt matter.

Both of these are knives with dragon handles. The top one has a curvey blade (it might be hard to see). They are both made from 440C stainless steel. The bottom is going to my friend in exchange "for some services"...wink wink, smile.

The top sword is a katana (?) the bottom is a european broadsword. Theyre both 30"+. The katana is 1085 steel with a leather handle. The broad sword is balanced and made from L6 on the edges and 1020 in the center with a mild steel handle--sword is entirely one piece.

A simple 1095 knife with brass and leather handle. Blade is about 4" long.

Sorry about the bluriness of the pic. The hatchet on top is L6, oiled and with a hand carved oak handle. It weighs about 1lb. The bottom one is a 1085 galvinized one on a hand carved oak handle. It weighs about 1/2lb.

This is my first attempt at a German 'flame sword'. The handle is german silver and leather. Its 31" long. Personally, i like this sword, it cuts real deep into things it hits.

An attempt at a sabre for my friend. Its 35" long and has a leather/brass handle.

This is my first attempt at a samuri sword (modeled after a sword my grandfather got in WWII). Its about 28" long with a 1/2" fuller (its hard to see). The handle is stainless steel and leather.