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Tools of the trade

This is my anvil. It weighs 225lbs and is over 150 years old...

Heres my forge. Its pretty small, only heats up about 6" or bar at hoping to gather up a few dollars and buy a better forge.

Home Made Tools

Left: The hammer was made from 1/2" x 1" mild steel bar that was folded 5 times (welded) and then i used a rectangular punch that i made to make the hole in the center fit the wooden handle.

Center: The hot cutter was actually fabricated before i had the ability to do forge welds. I used various pieces of steel, welded them with a mig and then there you go. However, i still used carbon steel that was oil quenched for the cutting blade.

Right: This is a paper thin hot cutter. Its made from 1085 steel that was folded 4 times and then oil quenched.

These are all different types of home made tongs i have.

I made this vice by using a thick bolt and nut for the 'moving' mechanism. Its designed to fit in my tool hole on my anvil and has a built in cutting plate.

Left: a round faced and square faced forging hammer (2lbs or so with a carbon steel face).
Center: A cross pein hammer with carbon steel face (2lbd or so).
Left: A hot cutter with a 1085 cutting insert.