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Tux Coat (and Amy's dress, with a hint of prom-y-ness)

This is the picture of me and my wonderful, georgous girlfriend before prom. Her dress was 5/16"id 17ga european with little spiral dangly things. She made it the cool, form fitting way using lotsa expansion and contraction. It weighs 7lbs.

Phew, this took aeons to make. I've worked 3 hours + a day since the end of october (its jan 17th now). Its made from mostly 1/4"id 18ga high carbon steel rings, and weighs 16lbs. The lapel is 5/16"id in a 6-1 pattern and the pocket is 1/4"id in a 6-1 pattern. The shoulder pads are forged brass with padding underneath (normal shoulder pads wouldnt hold up). The buttons are made of quarters and the sleeves have nice gussets so i can move my arm. New pics of the entire outfit and ones with my girlfriend and her dress will be posted after prom (late mayish). This is a slight ammendment--its after prom now, so the old pic was replaced with a better one.