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Handflowers Bracelets
Well, here is my contribution to the world of maille. This page is primarly just a place where I am showing stuff off, but there are prices next to some items because I am currently unemployed and do need money. I can custom make nearly anything you can imagine, so if you want something do not hesitate to tell me.

All maille in 17 gauge galvinized steel and 5/16 inch rings unless noted.

Also, all necklaces can be made into bracelets and vice-versa.

Email me to order.

4-1, 1/4in. rings. 18$ 4-1, 1/4in. 18$
4-1, 5/16in. rings, 10$4-1, 1/4in bracelet. Nickel chain going over the hand. 18$
4-1, 5/16in. bracelet with brass rings intertwined and with brass chain going over the hand. 15$
3 row 4-1 pattern, 7 1/2 inches, cost: $6. (in 6-1 8$, in 8-1 11$)
5 row 4-1 pattern, 7 1/2 inches, cost: $12 (in 6-1 18$, in 8-1 24$)
A spiral pattern, in 5/16in a 7 1/2in bracelet is 7$ in 1/4in it is 12$
Made from 1/4in 17 gauge rings, 7 1/2in., 8$ (to make a necklace add 1$ an inch)
Half inch rings connected by 1/4in rings, 1$ per inch for 17 or 14 gauge.
An 8-1 pattern with brass rings in the center. 18in. long, 27$ (in 6-1 22$, in 4-1 18$)
A spiral pattern, 5/16in rings and 18in long, 18$, in 1/4in 24$
OtherOn the left is my 17 gauge 5/16in steel full shirt weighing 24lbs, on the right in my 5/16in 14 gauge aluminum vest weighing 8lbs.

I apologize for the pictures, I'll get better ones soon. If anyone gives me a good idea for something, i'll make it for them for the mere cost of supplies.

If you want to order anything email me.

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