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My poem

Some may say he is a modern savior
others call him but a mere fool
the ones who know him call him a sage
those who fear him call him a horrid mage.
Still there are those
the few
who actually know him.
And what do they call him?
Mike is his name and melach is his blessing.

Through the webs and mazes that he projects
through his thicket of walls
lies someone that no one
has ever been graced or burdened with.
A covert man he is, was and always will be.
For he knows he is not one, but three.

He walks with his soul
tucked away, but still
he can hear what it has to say.
He serves the machine
listening to its every word
carrying out its every action
He searches for himself
in the myraids of opposites
and he still looks onward.

All of this he does,
imprinted upon him are the stars rays
and the light of the sun.
He has the making, indeed he does
but what shall he be?
Does he know?
Nay, he has not one clue of where to go!

So as he searches he finds
He finds things that were thought not to exist,
but he does not live to find.
He lives to search.
And search he will.
With every step a footprint is made
to retrace and regress would be foolish.
So this boy travels onward.
Toppling every obstacle,
smashing every impediment.

His will cannot be adverted,
but he yearns to know what it is.
Still he is burdened, bothered, hindered
by those people who claim they know.
They tell him he is wrong,
but have not got a reason why.
These people are too common,
why do the ask such questions that neednt be answered?
Regardless he travels on.

Through the throes of life;
on his quest.
Looking, watching ever subtle move.
And someday,
He will move on.
Having finished his work he will transgress,
going beyond what was ever thought possible,
but no one will know.
No one can comprehend what cannot comprehended.

So the theories grow stale,
but that does not matter.
With the promise of life there is more,
as he is so sure of; there is more.
On one glorious day the soul of thy master will take another mortal
And that day is quite a joyous occasion,
long as it is time.

For now this thing toils
for himself and for his purpose
For he is oblivious,
but he toils still,
not in vain, but for his will.
Till it is quenched he will do its deeds,
not in ignorance, but in accord.
For he loves himself, and everything that goes with him.

Now as this compilation of personalities and things sits and writes
He hopes his message is quite clear,
to misunderstand is to fear;
to know is to love,
for what is more lovable than anything that is true?
So as you, vadelects and dissidents prepare to relieve your eyes
What thou canst do is but thy will
nothing else can be done!

To the ones of the future and of the past; "Dieugarde"

To a friend

The faithful friend has descended
tongues locked in silence
feet locked in stone
eyes in eyes
one flash
the friend is gone again
thine eye is free
thy tongue stunned
thine eye is pulling me
but my feet in stone
I am not speechless
but my tongue is tied in by stomachs knots
the vision of the sacred place etched in stone
a junkyard turned to paradise.
It was not love
it was that amity toward a faithful friend.

Jaded dreams (Dream girl)

I have known you for a year now
well known of you.
My, its amazing how much the mind creates in a year
I thought...
I thought...
No, I created you.
No wonder you seem so special.
If you were a fool
I would think of you just the same,
for I created you
not as you really are
but as I want you to be.
Perfect in every way
so much for a dream girl
but you were
as long as I did not know you
you were perfect.

"Hi, I am"
"can I speak a word"
"before you throw me out?"
I guess these places are for those people
but if it weren’t for us crazy folk
they would not seem so sane.

Towards the within
Going to the throes and back
on an explicit joint venture through emptiness and the fullness of the abyss.
Silence, muffles out the unwanted noise, yet all I am hearing is other noise,
but I run
In fear all of us run for shelter
we have come back
back to the place where we first met.

Now, me and my stalemate are locked away forever
the window seems open, as I breathe ‘vadelect, take me home!’
I want so much to escape the restrictions of the past,
but love and hate cannot untie these knots.

I disillusion myself;
I have escaped
into the myriad’s

We fight, day after day
but we make no progress.
Stranded on the quest for an identity
looking for the soul
but power causes hate
and weakness love.

Daily we fight,
washing blood with blood
and why wont the scars fade away
why doesn’t it become jaded?

But how
can you see?
How can you see!
You are not me,
and I am right;
We are right

but blood stained ones are our most favorite garments
that rest in the closet with the shadows that we try to keep hidden away.
We can never wear the beautiful apparel,
we can never expose what we were.

The reason is hidden.
Hidden away,
yet still we fight.

that is all I ask
try and run away
come unsoiled fool
and run away.

But you can’t.
Wherever you go it follows,
might as well be called your shadow,
but it cant be; that’s locked away where no one can find it.

Hidden away in the depths of your closet,
buried under clothes you haven’t worn for years
The mental scars that come alive when they are not wanted,
and sleep when no one cares,
but we care, to say we don’t is just a lie

Come now; trust me. I will tell you what I know,
hypocrites and liars, that should have burned in the name of human fear,
but look at me
I am here, not one burn mark at all.

I was always what they feared,
yet they are their own witches and heathens.
but I am just as guilty as them.
I look out the windows to place blame;
I overlook the simple looking glass that gladly tells me the truth.

But I am here!
Wallowing in the blood of other me’s and my forefathers.
Me and all of you, united
stalemates at last.
We fight
and their laughter turns to utterances of disgust,
but they are just looking out the window.

Bathed in blood;
clean as all soldiers who go to war
and we fight
for ourselves and all who came before us
yet they still burn
again in human fear.

And you, innocent child
run away
for your end is near
if you stay.

Another pseudo prophecy
I lied to myself again
I said you were coming home tomorrow
seems I am becoming quite the liar,
or do I just have high hopes?

Here, there, here, there
they are everywhere
pesky, annoying, fools
rotten, bothersome, fools
girls and boys
all of them putrid toys.
Some food for thought?
Better eat them before they rot
vivisection is old
at first everything seems cruel and cold
Get prepared for a tasty treat
because the truth is people are nothing but meat.
Prepare the oven
get them loving.
The more they breed
The more we can feed.
The neighborhood butcher is out of food
The neighbors are looking good.
Shall they be fried?
I don’t care as long as their annoying dog is the side!
A girl?
A guy?
they’ll both die.
Soon I’ll eat something yummy
then full tummy.
Soon I’ll be sated
what’s the big deal?
The world is overpopulated
I just want a meal.
Get ready to be a treat
because you are nothing but meat.

Lovers and killers
Lovers and killers
they are both fools.

I am a lover of words and look at me
words steal my life away.

The loved is the killer
and the lover is the fool being slaughtered.

I am falling down
sinking in
to the depths.
Tonight I dine with Satan and friends
tomorrow I dance with the stars!

The Slaves shall serve
A slave is what serves
A master is what controls.
I am master of all but myself
but that means nothing because I am still a slave
‘and the slaves shall serve’
so I shall serve myself
and these shackles have been cast
not of iron
but of flesh
and I, the prophet of thyself
shall master myself
The death is perfection
and the life is the lesson of how to die

Spells and stars
The air weaves its way around like threads dancing in the eternal wind
and I remember that I am the air.
The water flows through its channels as life takes its course
and I remember that I am the water.
The fire does its dance upon shattered empires turning the wreckage unto infinity
and I remember that I am the fire.
The earth stands cold and hard as petrified love
and I remember that I am the earth.
And there you are, intriguing me for some reason
than I remember that I am you.

Inverted animosity
Your animosity thrives on your assumption that I am evil
but I do not mind
Though I have always wondered;
If you hate evil do you hate yourself,
or are you just not human?

Clandestine Adoration
I tremble with terror at the thoughts,
I wonder;
what if I could not read, or speak or write
or what if I were blind...
How could I see you?
How could I love you?

I know all too well that my love is overwhelmingly aesthetic
except for my covert affairs
like when I dance with you all night
and you just stand there staring at me
thinking that I am most crazy of all creatures that love you
but what else can I do?
I am human, thus naturally sanity is not one of my qualities
and you know well that I could not love you if I were sane;
Love is an insanity that anyone sane would avoid.
But you are neither of the two
in your imperfections I see perfection and I adore your every action
though my gratitude is manifest by your destruction:
I stomp on you, eat you, kill you
In every breath I steal you
but I know you will always return
maybe someday in a human form.

< no title >
In the middle of a sadistic nightmare I stand, half way oblivious,
consumed by a morbid stupor
while the magic of the throes is transporting me
through the halls of enlightenment.
Like a vessel that left port a long time ago
but the foolish crew forgot the captain and the cargo.
The tiny vessel tossed by the raging sea
right and left
but the crew meanders, ‘dolce far niente’
A storm is on the horizon
and the crew is spellbound by its marvelous promise of a light show.
No lights come, only pouring rain that is flooding the boat
and all the pales are speckelled with holes
just as the men are full of despair
one bursts out, ‘look o’re there’
Up rises a mighty wave about to smash the vessels bow,
Just as the wave is about to hit
the captain emerges from it
and the rain turns into the forgotten cargo.

As I exit the delusion and enter the myraids sadistic illusion,
I smile and go back into oblivion while thinking of the rain.

< no title >
That is just like you watch my every move disregard my every success
I know you well
and you have yet to learn my name

Your smile is always manifest through your majestic eyes
and you know not what intelligence is

If you were a person
.......... you would be the smartest
.......... the most loved
but you are not
so the people mock your stupidity.

One day not too long ago
a maiden came to me and asked,
‘what can thou teach thee’
I politely bowed my head and gave her a grin
then I offered the face of my back toward her chin
‘well’ she blurted out with an annoyed cry
accompanied by a wondersome look in her youthful eye
My smile grew
and I remembered that knowledge is not property of the few
the words emerged from my mouth like so;
‘In my silence I teach you all you need to know’.

Last updated 9/27/98