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Handmade Pliers

All pliers are handmade from quality tool steel and are specifically designed for chainmaille. These pliers come in light duty (up to 1/2 hard 16ga stainless), or heavy duty (up to 3/32 drawn). What makes these pliers different from most commercial ones is the shorter jaws, which give you more control and better leverage. As for the jaw shapes, they can be custom made to almost any shape, as can the contour of the handles.

Left: Heavy duty angled box jaw pliers.
Right: Light duty angled needle nose pliers.


(a set includes two pairs of pliers--jaw shape is left open; if not specified both will be needle nose style; they work best in my opinion)

L6 pliers:
light, medium or heavy: $18ea, $30/set.
1095 pliers:
light, medium or heavy: $16ea, $28/set.
5160 pliers:
medium or light: $14ea, $25/set.
1040 pliers:
medium or light: $14ea, $25/set.

Other available metals:
304 Stainless

Your choice of jaw shape, texture, and handle shape is included in price. Trading for these is also an acceptable form of payment. Items are not stocked, so please allow some time for them to be made and shipped (i'm on summer break so that shouldnt be too long). Buyer pays shipping unless otherwise agreed upon. There is a 10 day unconditional money back return policy (less shipping).